Personal Injury Rehab in Irvine - Best Course of Action for Your Personal Injury

Personal Injury Rehab in Irvine – Best Course of Action for Your Personal Injury

Personal Injury Rehab Irvine – Best Physical Therapy Clinic in Irvine Offering the Most Unique and Result Oriented Course of Action for Your Personal Injury

We have all been victims of personal injury at some point in our lives. Most of us have been involved in a car accident or two, while others may have had the misfortune of slipping and falling, getting seriously hurt at work, or injured while playing recreational sports. But no matter how these injuries have occurred, one thing they all have in common is pain.

Once you’ve been injured, what’s the next best thing you can do to ensure you’ll get back to “normal” again? There are so many choices for doctors, therapists and other specialists that it’s often very difficult to make the right decision.

Making that decision quickly and correctly, and taking care of the pain and addressing the underlying cause is what sets the tone for quick and successful recovery versus one that may end up lingering or becoming chronic.

Andrea W. of Irvine, who recently completed her course of treatment at The Kinetic Chain Physical Therapy in Irvine after experiencing a life-altering car accident sat down with us to encourage other personal injury victims to be more proactive in taking care of their injury and helping them make the right decision when it comes to addressing their needs.

“Gosh, looking back, I would have changed only one thing. I would have come to the clinic the next day and started my therapy immediately after my car accident rather than wait a few days” said Andrea. “I knew I had to do the right thing but being human I procrastinated a few days, thinking somehow things will get better. Well they didn’t and I ended up doing what I had to do from day one – call Jana and the team at the Kinetic Chain and get in there to start rehab.”

Andrea went on to say “My advise to others in my shoes? I urge anyone who has been in an accident to stop procrastinating, stop shopping around for gimmicky doctors who only know how to prescribe medication. Gosh, you may save a couple of bucks here and there, I don’t know, but you won’t get any better – I’ll guarantee you that. They will try to mask your pain with some serious high strength pain killers and chemicals, but trust me, none of that stuff does anything to fix the source of your pain.”

After Andrea was evaluated and examined by Jana Van Surksum, she became convinced that the Kinetic Chain’s unique brand of physical therapy was key to getting back on the road again.

“I was told about how great the Kinetic Chain’s amazing physical therapy techniques were, how it was different, and what results I should expect, and the rest is history. It became clear after the first visit that these guys knew what they were doing and that they were very serious about my wellness and success. The treatment plans were amazing, comfortable, pain fee and relaxing, and before I knew it, we and completed several weeks of physical therapy. I was not only feeling like my old self again, but in many cases, better than before. I couldn’t be more grateful and happy for making the perfect decision for my health.”

Jana and her team at the Kinetic Chain Physical Therapy in Irvine are only one of a handful of such therapists in the area, and are offering immediate appointments to back pain suffers who demand a better solution to their suffering. So if you or a loved one has been a victim of personal injury in Irvine, please consider the perfect, most result oriented approach to physical therapy. It chained Andrea’s life for good and it can work wonders for getting you back to your “normal” or even better than normal self again!

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