5 Ways To Stay Hydrated In Hot Weather

5 Ways To Stay Hydrated In Hot WeatherStaying hydrated in the hot summer months is important to avoid heat-related issues including heat stroke, rash, exhaustion and cramps. Proper hydration becomes even more important when performing strenuous, physical activity in high temperatures. The more your body sweats under such conditions, the more fluid you need to replace.

Below are 5 Thirst quenching tips on keeping hydrated during the hottest time of the year….

1. Drink Water

We’re stating the obvious here…keeping hydrated means you need to drink plenty of H2O. If you are planning on being outside in hot temperatures, especially if you’re going to be physically active, prepare by drinking water ahead of time. To stay hydrated keep on drinking water throughout the day.

2. Avoid Alcohol and Sugary Beverages

Having a couple of frosty beers or a sugary beverage from the cooler to quench your thirst sounds like a great idea. While you might feel more refreshed at first, you’re likely to feel dehydrated soon afterwards.

3. Have a Sports Drink

Biking, hiking, mountain climbing, beach volleyball or recreational sports are all common summer activities. Many athletes are exposed to long days in the hot sun. Most who participate in these activities will product sweat due to the activity and the hot temperatures. Because sports drinks are high in sugar content, they may be overkill for day-to-day consumption. If you plan on strenuous outdoor activities for a long period of time, sports drinks can quickly replenish nutrients lost in your sweat.

4. Eat or Drink Sea Salt

This seems counter-intuitive, but consuming small amounts of all-natural sea salt or Himalayan will help with hydration. Himalayan salt contains tons of natural minerals and elements. These elements promote stable pH, aid with the absorption of food particles, regulate water content through the body, prevent muscle cramps, and help support cellular function. A pinch of Sea Salt in your water or on your food can actually help hydrate!

5. Eat Your Water

Try eating more foods that have a high in water content. Some fruits are great when you freeze them and have them a natural, hydrating snack. A few water pack foods are watermelon, oranges, grapefruit, spinach, celery, coconuts and radishes.

Practice these tips and soon hydration will become a habit. If you aren’t sure you’re getting enough water, monitor your fluid intake throughout the day. Drinking water will ensure that you avoid heat related issues and stay healthy and hydrated.


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