5 Reasons to Stop Wearing High Heels

5 Reasons to Stop Wearing High Heels

High heels are sexy, and for that reason, they’re hard to give up. Consider the strain your shoe choice can put on your body. Over time, the wrong choice in footwear can cause some serious issues. Consider these 5 reasons to choose a comfy sneaker over a pump.

1. High Heels & Body Alignment

Simply put, high heels put your body out of alignment. Wearing stilettos cause muscles and joints are pulled out of alignment. The long-term result isn’t just pain in your feet, but in your shoulders, neck and back from the constant misalignment.

2. High Heels & Back Pain

High Heels can be a girl’s best friend when it comes to making your butt look amazing! This happens because heels cause your pelvis to tilt, forcing your buttock to move back. That puts extra stress on the lower back. Then good news is when you take your pumps off, your spine automatically returns to its proper astronomical position.

3. High Heels & Knee Pain

When you wear heels, your center of gravity shifts forward from where it naturally should be. That means extra strain on the tendons and ligaments in your knees. If you’re having a hard time diagnosing knee problems, try taking off those stilettos.

4. High Heels & Leg Pain

When you wear high heels your calf muscle and tendons shorten. This can cause chronic leg pain and muscle spasms as well as plantar fasciitis.

5. High Heels & Feet Issues

Long-time high heel wearers often suffer from bunions, bony bumps forming at the base of your big toe. This hard knob sticks out of the side of your foot, causing pain and looking terrible.

If you feel strongly about still wearing heels, consider switching to flats at some point in the day. If at all possible, only wear heels for special occasions, your body will thank you.


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